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July 2019

Welcome month of July! Our Daycare has been fun this  summer, and if you're asking yourself, " Are there any good Daycares near me?" The answer is Yes! We'd love to have you join our little daycare family. Our daycare in palmdale has been around for quite some time, that we consider ourselves kid experts, we make sure our kids are happy, loved, healthy and  active. Come check out and our daycare and allow us to give your kiddos a real home away from home.

Yes when you ask yourself "Are there a good daycare near me ? We are in palmdale and ready to give your kiddos a fun daycare experience.


June 2019

What an interesting month of May. How did you guys like the drastic change of weather? Our kids observed the weather and  shared their feelings and thoughts about it. Some thought it was ugly, some cold like Christmas, and others loved that our daycare in palmdale was still nice and cool. But, as soon as the sun came out we were sure to take advantage of the nice sunny day and brought out the animal masks to pretend and use our imaginations.

May 2019

Hey Friends! May is now officially here, and daycare is busy busy. So far it has been a nice spring in palmdale, great time to enjoy the weather and play outside. As our daycare in palmdale enjoys the cool weather we have been cooking up some popcorn and chilling out with some snow cones every friday!  We have some new things coming up, and as we prepare for the summer, we will begin to plan how we will stay cool in very hot summer thats around the corner. Well, join us and be part of our daycare family.

The Month of April always seems a bit magical, and our daycare in Palmdale is ready to bring in the spring and enjoy every last bit of it before, well... you know, summer hits! But for now we will enjoy the poppy's and and weather outside. Oh, and we have something important coming this month, we are planting flowers and getting new grass in the play area! That means grass stains, and butterflies! Stay tune and remember if you know anyone that asks about a good daycare near me, you can always point them our way.

April 2019


Our daycare family has grown over the years and we feel inspired by the dozens

 of families we have had the pleasure of assisting during such an important part of their lives, in our daycare in Palmdale, that's a real home away from home. If you are looking for daycare during the spring please give us a call at 661-266-1220.  We have been trusted by dozens of families over the past 10 years and about 90% of families have been long term--really special as we have seen them grow:)   like us on facebook and give us a call!

March 2019

March is here and our daycare in palmdale is super excited not only is this a lucky month, but it is also spring. It's fair to say that although we needed the rain, its about time to see the sun shine, and enjoy beautiful weather.  We have spring break this month, and that means we will be having some fun with the kiddos as they enjoy a week off school and can relax. If you are looking for a fun, safe, and loving daycare give us a call!


February 2019

It's February! The month where friendship and love is felt in the air. Our daycare in palmdale will be celebrating the day, with cookies, milk, valentine card exchange and happy music.

January came and went so fast, but it's okay the faster we get to spring the better, as we will start brining out the fun! Jumpers, popcorn machine, and snow cone machine are all on stand by ready for the kiddos to start enjoying very soon.

Se habla espanol
Our Childcare is open late.
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