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September 2018

YAY Summer is over, or at least suppose to be. Our Daycare in palmdale had a really amazing summer. Yeah, the challenge was on during this very hot season but were successful in keeping the kids cool and made sure they had some fun! Now, we are entering Ms. Moniques' favorite season Fall and her favorite holiday Halloween! But, whats more important is whats happening now at our daycare in Palmdale.

Our school age kids are learning how to research by taking on Fred's Challenge. This super fun activity gives kids the opportunity to learn and get rewarded for using some their creativity and critical thinking. Kids are learning these skills by a pro digital researcher. Our little ones that don't attend school are continuing to do their morning curriculum with Ms Monique.

June 2018

It's SUMMER!!!! Yes, one of our most favorite time of the year, but also busiest. This year we have many things planned for our kids for the summer. It's true many Daycares in Palmdale might see summer like any ordinary time of the year, but for our daycare it is an opportunity to enjoy the children and let them have a great time. We love our daycare family and since we have a lot of hard working parents we try to keep their

kiddos busy and happy while they continue being the super amazing parents they are. What do we have planned at our daycare in palmdale for the summer? Well, we are doing field trips, doing some fun projects and joining a new club that we are super

March 2018

Easter, amazing weather, and happy kids! Kids N Colors Daycare in Palmdale has been celebrating Easter since 2006, this marked the 12th annual Easter party and we have to say it was the most amazing yet! Is there such thing as "too many eggs?" well, we made sure there were more than plenty for every one of our kids to enjoy finding Easter eggs.  To us, watching the excitement and eagerness of kids running outside

to collect Easter eggs is priceless. A real joy in watching so many smiling faces enjoy a very special moment just for them.

We love organizing these special events for our kiddos, and now to plan for the su

February 2018

The month of love is here! Our daycare in palmdale has been getting perfect weather, although its not your typical winter, we can't help but to enjoy it. Because of that, our kids have been able to enjoy going outside more to play on our brand new jungle gym.

This month we will have our annual Valentines Day celebration! We will enjoy cookies, drinks and tons of smiley faces passing out cards to their friends.

Se habla espanol
Our Childcare is open late.
Kids N Colors Daycare Palmdale