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Our Childcare is open late.

Pick-Up From Daycare + Pick-Up/ Drop Off From Home and School Policy


Pick-up From Facility Policy


All children must be released one family at a time. For Example, If the Smith family arrives first and a few minute later someone from the Lopez arrives, staff will release the child from the Smith Family first, then they will release the Lopez child. This is to ensure the safety of all children present at our daycare.


Pick-Up Drop Off Policy


All pick up and drop off services are based on availability only. Please make sure we are able to meet your expectations or have an agreed time of pick up drop off.


-Pick-up Drop Off Window.


This refers to an approximate time of arrival you must have your child ready or be ready to receive your child.


             -Pick-up Advisor: We are not permitted to exit vehicle to take to parent/guardian house

             front door, apartment complex etc


             -You must be ready to go at the agreed time, we will only wait 5 minutes. If you miss us

             you will have to bring child to facility on your own. You may request for us to return,

             however, it is based on our availability, and we cannot guarantee a time of arrival or



School Pick-up/Drop Off


School age children will be dropped off/picked up in front of school, or where parent and provider agree to have child meet our drivers. Pre-K and Kindergarten will be dropped off to designated school drop-off or for Pre-K at their classroom.


Please make sure you have a list of Kids N Colors Daycare Employees that will be picking up and dropping off your child and add them to the emergency cards for each child. We will provide you a list of names once you’ve signed up with Kids N Colors.


*Keep in mind, sometimes we might run a little late. Like everyone there are certain things that we cannot prevent such as accidents that slow down traffic, or emergencies. Please understand that we have to be at many schools and we try our very best to get to your child as quick as possible.


Meals and Food


We provide children with meals and snacks. We must follow guidelines from the state food program. Below are the meals times


Breakfast: 8AM

Snack 10:00AM

Lunch 12:00PM

Snack 2:45PM

Dinner 4:30PM


Please keep note that if your child arrives after a meal, they must wait for the upcoming snack time of next meal. It is your responsibility to make sure your kids eat if you know they will arrive after a meal.


Dinner is very important to us as well. We must follow guidelines, however, we do offer a second serving, or up until we run out of food. Please be aware that we are only allowed to serve a specific amount of food, but as a courtesy and  because we love your kids, we’ll always try to give them more, because we know what it’s like to be a kid.


Your kids might still be hungry when they get home, and that is very normal, in fact we encourage you to feed your kids dinner once they get home.


Se habla espanol
Our Childcare is open late.
Kids N Colors Daycare Palmdale